An image of Isaac Newton with a Quote about the value of the Bible

Newton, Voltaire and the Privilege of Hindsight

In the 1700’s Sir Isaac Newton made the following statement: “A new mode of travel shall be invented in the last days. Knowledge will be so increased that man will be able to travel at a rate of 50 miles an hour.”...
by Joe Christian


Tares in the Wheat

This discussion comes from The Parable of the Tares found in Matthew 13:24-30.  Let us try to get some idea of what a “tare” is.  In attempting to do so we will see some differing reports, but the end result is basically ...
by Eric Roberts, Columnist


The Biggest Word in the Bible

A Pastor of mine used to always say, “‘If’ is the biggest word in the Bible.” He was certainly onto something with that, as one would be hard pressed to find many direct instructions from Christ that did...
by Joe Christian



The Worth of a Talent

There are numerous parables where ancient monetary values are discussed. Depending upon what version of the Bible you use there will be different names for the main denominations of money, but most scholars agree that the units...
by Eric Roberts, Columnist


Are We Worth Our Salt?

Did you know that salt is mentioned in 35 verses of the Bible and that historians believe that the mention of salt in Job 6:6 is the oldest literary mention of salt? In the time of Christ, salt was probably most important as a ...
by Eric Roberts, Columnist