Obese American next to a starving African child

Gluttony, Famine and the Deception of Leaven

Defining the Foundation When we think of gluttony, I think most of us identify it as Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines it: “Excess in eating; extravagant indulgence of the appetite for food.” Generally speaking then, it w...
by Joe Christian


The Locust Eaters

John the Baptist lived on a diet of honey and locusts. I can think of more appetizing combinations – especially anything covered in Ranch dressing. I’m fairly confident that if Ranch had been around in those days, it wo...
by Joe Christian


The Bees Knees

So in this installment, we are going to see what the buzz concerning bee pollen is all about.  What is bee pollen precisely? Well, it starts off as the dust-sized seed found on the stamen (the male fertilizing organ of a flowe...
by Brian Hayden, Columnist



Genetic Predisposition, Divine Inspiration and Good Ol’ Fashioned Goulash

Pride in self is silly. Of all the failures and foibles of man, it may indeed be the most irrational of all. This isn’t to say that any corrupted behavior of flesh man is logical, only that pride, among all of its undesir...
by Joe Christian


Blood, Sweat and Selflessness

For a decade or longer now, I have had a great fascination with medicine. It is this compunction that has led me to question and seek out knowledge concerning a few things in the Word of God that apply to such a subject matter....
by Brian Hayden, Columnist