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July 7, 2012

Occupy Education?

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Written by: Joe Christian

My wife has been attending American Public University for the past three years. It is an online school that began simply as a distance learning platform for our brothers and sisters in arms. A few days ago, she read me an excerpt from the text book provided for her Environmental Science class. The excerpt read as follows:


 Environmental Justice and Ethical Issues

“…On an international level, advocates of environmental justice point out that industrialized countries are obligated to help less-developed countries cope with climate change. These countries often suffer disproportionately from the problems caused by climate change, while it is the fossil fuel consumption in highly developed countries that is largely responsible for the changing climate.” 


Observe the use of the words “point out” in this sentence. The way it’s phrased, it seeks to lead the reader to the idea that what’s stated here is TRUTH, not an opinion. “Pointing out” is to direct someone’s attention to something that is true. It would have been much less coercive and much more accurate to say, “advocates of environmental justice are of the opinion that…”

But that kind of phrasing would allow someone to consider the information as one person’s opinion, where “pointing out” insinuates that there is no disputing this because it is a discovered reality, rather than a philosophical discourse – which is what it truly is.

The text goes on to present a plan for reconciling and rectifying the world’s “climate change” crisis. The first section under the “Overall Plan for Sustainable Living” is:

Recommendation 1: Eliminate Poverty and Stabilize the Human Population (Below are basic bullet points as to what is addressed in this proposed solution to the world’s environmental issues):

* Equal distribution of the world’s resources (‘Highly-developed countries’ [U.S., Japan, and Western Europe] must share and redistribute wealth to ‘less-developed countries’)

* Raising the standard of living in poor countries (again, the redistribution of resources)

* Improving the status of women in disadvantaged countries (again, this is a proposed solution to “fix the environment” as written in the “Environmental Science textbook”)

* “The flow of money from developing countries to highly-developed countries has exceeded the flow in the other direction for many years… This flow must be reversed.”

* “Debts from the poorest countries must be forgiven more readily than they are now, and international development assistance should be enhanced.”

* (This one really gets me, so I’m going to quote it verbatim) “Population growth rates are generally highest where poverty is most intense. If we pay consistent attention to overpopulation and devote the resources necessary to make family planning available for everyone, the human population will stabilize.”

Adult scolding a childI really want to drive this one home – this text book on Environmental Science has just said that abortion and contraception are key elements in fixing the climate change issues, AND that it is our job to ensure that these poor countries employ such measures AND apparently the only reason they don’t use such measures is because they aren’t available.

This same paragraph goes on to declare that “There is no hope for a peaceful world without overall population stability, and there is no hope for regional economic sustainability without regional population stability.” These elements are stated as absolutes. They read as if there is no other way to turn the environment around.

What if the industrialized nations stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow? Would the problem rectify itself without us ever having to impose population control strategies on third world countries?

There’s just one word that comes to mind with this kind of “textbook” prose: Indoctrination. This is pure socialism. This is a philosophy. It is a belief system. It is not scientifically researched fact! This is the exact same way the THEORY of Evolution began. It was not too many years ago that it was still called a “theory,” but not anymore.

The way this book presents its information, is like a minister at the pulpit, not like a professor in a classroom. If we were to pitch the Christian model of living like this in secular textbooks, I wonder how fast the atheistic world would remove it. I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t take that long.

Here’s the thing, and if you blink, you’ll miss it: This textbook presents global warming as FACT when it has yet to be proven as such. There is a major chasm in the scientific community regarding this issue, with highly credible scholars on both sides of the aisle. But if the people who authorize the textbooks that go into the classrooms have an agenda, it makes no difference what’s fact and what isn’t. Because to them, what they’re pushing isn’t some kind of faith-based idea, but rather SCIENTIFIC FACT. But like my dad used to say, “Just because you put a cat in the oven, that don’t make it a biscuit.” He never put a single cat in the oven.Buttermilk biscuits in a stack

This text book says that in order to survive, we must eliminate unborn children and institute our ideas of birth control and abortion onto countries that behave differently than we do, and at the same time we must bail them out for not knowing any better. After all, as far as this book is concerned, it’s our fault that they’re in such a bad way! China would be so proud of this textbook; So would Karl Marx.

But they sell you on the premise. By the time you get to the end of the text you feel downright terrible for all the climate change atrocities you’ve been responsible for. You feel like you owe it to the next three generations of poor, malnourished, toxically-infected, three-headed babies to stand up and do something about it. And we’re rich, so we should be the ones to do it!

Well I don’t know about you, but I am not rich. I’m not sure who they’re talking about, but I work my butt off to make my money and God declares that “a servant is worth his hire.” And by my calculation, we’ve got more than ample poverty right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A to last our lifetimes and beyond. I’m of the opinion that once all of our homeless are off the streets, then we can go into other countries and help them with theirs. Yes, I agree with Ron Paul on this one.

This is a set of religious beliefs posing as “humanism” and “science,” and this has been going on for years. How difficult will it be to educate our children to the contrary of what they are being taught as “fact” in the school systems every day? This is an uphill battle, and if we don’t wake up and start fighting it with some kind of aggression now, soon it will be too late. I hope it isn’t already.

Atheists argue year after year that education is to be “free of organized religion,” yet they are able to teach their thoroughly disorganized religion to children every day by calling it “science.” This ought not be so. This is nothing more than a clear case of “Occupy Education.” Perhaps we should stop saying “The Bible says…” and just say “The Truth is…” – that way we could sneak back into the schools, and when you get right down to it, we wouldn’t be lying, no not one little bit.

Am I saying charity is a bad thing? Absolutely not. What I’m saying is that charity is something each person should be able to decide to do or not do for themselves according to accurate, and objective information; not something that is subversively extorted by masking opinions as facts to a captive audience.

In Pursuit of Consistency,

The Informed Servant

Wiley Resource Kit. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011. Print.
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Joe Christian is a student of God's Word. He has no formal education, but has spent the better part of 20 years studying The Bible by following subject and object, and studying the original languages of the Scriptures. You can too.



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