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Fishers of Men

The fisherman sorted carefully through his tackle inventory for just the right lure. Fishing in clear water, he knew the fish he sought was a sight feeder, so he chose accordingly. He was confident the shine off his favorite me...
by Ann Wilds, Columnist


A God Who Delivers

“How can I know you’ll deliver?” “You can’t.  But I can.” The first time I heard those words I was in a dark movie theatre. They pierced me and tears stung my eyes as I seemed to watch myself talking to God. The ab...
by Natalie Mafima, Contributor


The Biggest Word in the Bible

A Pastor of mine used to always say, “‘If’ is the biggest word in the Bible.” He was certainly onto something with that, as one would be hard pressed to find many direct instructions from Christ that did...
by Joe Christian


God Delusion Image

The God Delusion Review (Pt. 2)

Overall Review / 5 - Terrible
by Elgin Hushbeck - Contributor

God is not Great

God is Not Great Review (Pt. 2)

Overall Review / 5 - Terrible
by Elgin Hushbeck - Contributor



Blessings: Things that Last and the Idol of “New”

The prosperity doctrine has had some interesting results on the Christian community by way of pairing the idea of “blessings” with monetary security. As a society, apart from the Christian ideal, we tend to associat...
by Joe Christian


The Worth of a Talent

There are numerous parables where ancient monetary values are discussed. Depending upon what version of the Bible you use there will be different names for the main denominations of money, but most scholars agree that the units...
by Eric Roberts, Columnist



Fear Will Not Hold My Gaze:

There’s a pervading cultural idea coming about that fear is a good thing. Adrenaline surges are often said to be a direct result of a fear-inducing fight-or-flight response, but this is not necessarily the case. It is not...
by Joe Christian


God is not Great Review (pt. 1)

Overall Review / 5 - Terrible
by Elgin Hushbeck - Contributor


The Agony of Deceit

Have we been so inundated and assaulted by mass advertising, mass media and extortion schemes that we no longer give an emotional response or legitimate consideration to anything that passes in front of our eyes? Do we miss gen...
by Joe Christian