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June 28, 2012

The Locust Eaters

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Written by: Joe Christian

John the Baptist lived on a diet of honey and locusts. I can think of more appetizing combinations – especially anything covered in Ranch dressing. I’m fairly confident that if Ranch had been around in those days, it would’ve found its way into many a stone cupboard. But the Bible doesn’t tell us the elements of John’s diet so we can be disgusted by the images of writhing insect limbs scraping across the roofs of mouths. In this single sentence, we are given to understand all that John the Baptist was, what he lived for, and how he spent every second of his existence in flesh.

We’re not given much more to know of John. We know he baptized our Lord. We know he spoke boldly and plainly. We know he died a martyr’s death. In the past, as I would read over the seemingly scant accounts of John the Baptist, I would ask God why the writings would be so few regarding one of whom it was said:

What went you out into the wilderness for to see? A reed shaken with the wind…? But what went you out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment…? But what went you out for to see? A prophet? Yes, I say unto you, and much more than a prophet. This is he of whom it is written, ‘Behold, I send My messenger before Thy face, which shall prepare Thy way before Thee.’ For I say unto you, among those that are born of women there is none greater than John the Baptist (KJV, Luke 7.24-28)

The point I was finally brought to, was to realize that it did not matter how much more I wished to know about John, but rather that we have been given all God sees fit for us to know of him. And if we look closely, we have all we need. For John – from how he spent his days, to the things he ate – lived and breathed his mission. And his mission was to “bear witness of the Light, that all men through Him might believe.” (KJV, John 1.7)

And to this mission, with singular purpose, this man lived and died. So here are a few facts to consider when contemplating the idea of just who this man was:

  • Did you know honey is the only food that never spoils?
  • Did you know that barrels of honey have been found in the tombs of Pharoahs, still completely edible and fresh?
  • Honey naturally increases the immune system and defends against local allergies
  • God told Israel after their wanderings that he would bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey

So the first thing we can say is that half of John’s diet was on the one food in this entire creation that is eternally fresh and edible. Could we then say that honey represents eternal life, or in terms of what is consumed, could we say that honey represents the Word of God? The body of Christ? That which builds the immune system, always nourishes, and never spoils?

And what of the locust? Locusts are commonly represented as Satan’s army. Satan’s army is not of flesh and blood, but rather comprised of “spiritual wickedness in high [heavenly] places.” (KJV, Eph. 6.12) Satan’s army attacks the wheat crop of the Lord by means of deception, temptation, and doubt. And if you’ve ever seen pictures of, or read about, what a swarm of locusts can do to a crop, you’ll get the correlation just fine. Yet John ate these too. In essence, John consumed the Eternal, and the adversarial. He spent his entire existence consuming The Word so that he might better consume the enemy. A simplistic diet; a simplistic focus.

What do we consume in our daily lives? Physically? Spiritually? How unfiltered is our focus and mission? If our physical bodies react adversely to the bad things we put in them, how does our spiritual body react to a similar diet? How many different things do we find that are truly worth our undivided attention? Is our attention divided? Do we serve both God and man, or just our Lord? One method will stand, while the other will fall.

John spoke boldly and unapologetically with regard to his mission, and He who had sent him. He was not concerned with what he wore, nor his own comfort. He never claimed credit for himself. He was not concerned with who he offended, who didn’t like him, or who was angered when he spoke truth. He readily stepped aside when his time had passed. What can we say of this? How many of us can claim to be committed locust eaters? Or are we just too darn busy?

Don’t concern yourself with who is offended by your loyalty to Christ. Don’t worry about who likes you. And don’t waste your time comparing yourself to other Christians, weighing your gifts against theirs to see how everyone measures up. Be single-minded upon your mission and commission according to your several ability. Spend your days in a balanced consumption of eternal wisdom and the enemies of the Lord, and you will be blessed. But be warned: sometimes a blessing can look an awful lot like a beheading. Just ask John.

“Peter seeing him [John the Apostle] saith to Jesus, ‘Lord, and what shall this man do?’ Jesus saith unto him, ‘If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me.’” (KJV, John 21.21-22)

In Pursuit of Locusts,

The Informed Servant

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Joe Christian
Joe Christian is a student of God's Word. He has no formal education, but has spent the better part of 20 years studying The Bible by following subject and object, and studying the original languages of the Scriptures. You can too.



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